Philo's Crossing

Beginnings Part 2

  • During, and after completing their missions, party takes part in a few actions against the siege-force, encounters worgs and riders, fights white-painted berserking kobolds and deals with atmospheric effects of winter in the high mountains.

  • Party is contacted by an art collector and is hired-on to find three stolen magical weapons suspected to be hidden away in nearby White Plume Mountain I will not post adventure details, as it is copyrighted. Party travels through the mines, a bit into the upper “Underdark”, across a treacherous glacier and into the valley containing White Plume Mountain. A couple sessions, and two characters down, they exit, successful in their goal; Wave, Whelm, and Blackrazor in hand.

  • Party returns to Philo’s Crossing via recently acquired Fly spells, and cashes in on the ridiculous amount of treasure acquired in their foray. They learn that Glittergold Mining Company has sent airship support that is due any day. They also learn of a number of gruesome murders that have been occurring in the nighttime back-alleys, the bodies of the victims flayed open, and often missing several internal organs. The victims are all human, but that is their only connection. The party saw a body killed in the same way as these victims some time before they left for White Plume Mountain, but attributed it to the kobold insurgents they saw poking it as they approached.

  • Preparations were made for the imminent battle, and supplies were bought. Since nobody in the party can effectively use the weapons gained from White Plume Mountain, they were given to three promising sergeants for use in the upcoming battle. When the airship was near, the party (one of which is a lieutenant in the militia) sat in with the military commanders as they planned to have the airship (bomber) make a bombing run the next dawn, after which the city’s defenders would rush the siege-force. The plan was implemented, and a large battle ensued.

  • About half-way through a marathon battle, the party sees a speck in the sky, which quickly reveals itself to be a large white dragon, who promptly engages with the airship, which has been making occasional bombing runs since the beginning of the battle. Shortly after the party engages with an albino half-dragon kobold who seems to be commanding the army, the dragon crashes the airship, and heads their way. The siege-force however, has been all but routed, and as the dragon approaches the party, they defeat the commander. The dragon creates a bank of Solid Fog, and snatches up the commander as it flies overhead. The party notices a trident clutched in the dragon’s other foot as it escapes to the north. As the party returns triumphant to the city they learn that two of the promising sergeants given the magical weapons were killed, and Blackrazor, and Wave have gone missing.



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