Philo's Crossing

Searching the glacier/ Tomb of Horrors (1)

Session begins immediately after last session’s battle with Frost Giants in the ruined encampment/trading post. Party decides to hunt down the remaining Frost Giants seen in the distance on the glacier; Ian wild-shapes into an eagle to scout the giants’ positions, and leads the party around a crevasse or two. Party engages the first group of four, taking heavy damage, but surviving. They then head toward the second group, who clearly noticed them, and is heading for higher ground. Once in a defensible position, they begin hurling ice-boulders at the party, which are avoided handily. Party closes the distance, and makes short-work of three giants.

It is clear that the giants are searching for something, and the party begins searching the encampment for whatever that may be. They soon find a door, partially covered in ice. The door is covered by a grid of iron tiles, each is either stamped with a single letter or blank:

Door puzzle

Each tile is a button that, when pushed, deals 3D6 electrical damage (shocking Grasp Lvl 3 caster(Search/Disable Device DC 26). There is one button that is not trapped, that being the “s” in “curse” in the center of the grid (changing the word to “cure”). That button causes the buttons to separate, revealing a keyhole (Open Lock DC 26).

After a little thought, and only one triggering of the trap, the party figured out the puzzle and opened the door. They then followed a tunnel which led to a partially-collapsed chamber, leading to the beginning of The Tomb Of Horrors

The session ended with the party 1/3 to 1/2 way through the module.



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