Philo's Crossing

Seige aftermath

-Party spends 2 months downtime in the city. The harshest part of winter is now passing. Average temperatures range in the “Extreme Cold” range during the day, to “Unearthly Cold” at night, with a little overlap. The cold is due primarily to altitude and wind. (temp. figures from “Frostburn” D&D 3.5 book)

-Party then leaves in search of the White, and Half-Dragons encountered at the end of the siege.

  1. Mike: The collector who hired the party has been found dead, a dagger planted firmly in his forehead. Mike and Ian head to the estate, with the intent of raising the collector. Attempts at speaking with the dead fail and Mike decides to try raising him anyway. Among the numerous foppish aristocrats arguing about inheritances is one willing to provide the necessary diamond for the ‘Raise Dead’ spell. Mike attempts the spell, and the collector refuses to return to life, preferring his afterlife. The aristocrat who offered the diamond is quite displeased when he discovers that his mother’s wedding-ring has been destroyed “for no good purpose”, and demands payment. Mike refuses, and after a brief standoff with numerous aristocrats uneasily drawing swords and calling for guards (which Mike outranks), Mike and Ian leave. On their way out, Ian remembers the journals with information on the legacy weapons from White Plume Mountain that were sold to the collector. Deciding it to be too dangerous to return asking for items, Steve is asked to retrieve them. He does so the following night in short-order, with no difficulty whatsoever.

  2. Ian: After the death of his animal companion in White Plume Mountain, Ian decides to leave town in search of another. He heads down to the treeline in search of a dire-timberwolf and returns successful after 5 weeks.

  3. Steve: Requisitions the creation/modification of several magic-items, mail-ordering them through (unnamed ‘direct-mail’ company), requiring 6-8 weeks for pickup/delivery. Refugees from the crashed airship leave with his pickup, which also carries items from Mike and Ian. Steve sneaks and steals the journals from the collector’s estate, and brings them to the academy for study. Party then learns of the rituals to unlock the legacy weapons’ abilities and of an additional Legacy Weapon, Frostrazor, that was never found in White Plume Mountain. Frostrazor’s rituals involve a white dragon…

  4. City: The military is very interested in obtaining the lost legacy weapons. Engineers have started working on the non-operational windmill.

After their items return and after Ian returns with his new Dire-Wolf companion (Muffins), the party leaves toward the west in search of the half-dragon fought in the siege. Scrying attempts have all failed on the half-dragon, but one did succeed on the White dragon, who made it clear that it knew it was being scryed. They have a map in their possession showing the location of an old trading encampment to the west, presumed abandoned/destroyed many years ago. They decide this to be a good starting point.

After a few random-encounters the party makes it across a huge glacier to the encampment, everything long-since covered in ice. They notice a number of depressions in the ice, presumably holes dug in search of…something. As they get closer to the encampment, they notice newer pits and eventually, Frost Giants roaming the encampment. After a group of three is defeated, the party notices three other groups of indeterminate number roaming the glacier in the distance…

-Mike is pushing it with his alignment (Lawful Good)

  1. Guard has been alerted to his actions
  2. Aristocracy in the city will have “indifferent” attitude toward Mike, at best



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