Philo's Crossing

Tomb of Horrors (3)

  • Party finishes “Tomb of Horrors”.
  • - Legacy weapon Frostrazor is found.
  • Party returns to town
  • - Preparations are made to hunt the white dragon seen at the end of the siege.

Tomb of Horrors:

- Demilich-construch traps Alex’s soul, and is subsequently destroyed with a Sphere of Annihilation. – New character in the works…

- Party portal-jumps, and ends up at the dungeon entrance, naked. Their equipment is retrieved, minus one “couch-phylactery” after returning to the end of the dungeon.

- Ian looses 21/2 fingers from Sphere of Annihilation. (-2 to (melee weapon) attacks, str/dex-related skill checks)

Back to town:

- Dave micro-manages Fly, and Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer spells to hasten the trip back to town. All told, party was in the field for 25 days: 15 town-to-dungeon, 8 in-dungeon, 2 back-to-town.

- Dave is fatigued, due to thin-air at this high altitude.

- More slasher-murders have been reported, party seems uninterested.

- Steve wants to buy a Ring of Blinking, and a Portable Hole, neither of which is available. The ring is available through mail-order, after a one month waiting period, and there is a 21/2 year waiting list on Portable Holes.



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