weapon (melee)
  • +1 Katana; Cost 2,350 gp
  • Omen: When drawn, Frostrazor freezes over with ice. When it scores a critical hit, it makes a sound like ice cracking.
  • Legacy Rituals:
    Piercing the Heart: You must kill a foe with a single blow by stabbing Frostrazor through the foe’s heart. While the foe bleeds over the sword, you must incant a one-hour ritual that draws the blood into the sword. Cost: 2,500gp. Feat granted: Least Legacy-Frostrazor
    Bathing in the waters of Origin: You must take Frostrazor to the icy cavern where it was created and bathe it for an hour in the freezing waters that you find underneath the cavern. You must bath yourself in those waters at the same time, and survive with at least half you HP remaining. Cost: 12,500 gp. Feat granted; Lesser Legacy: Frostrazor
    Vengance of Garice: You must find and slay a direct decendant of the ancient white wyrm dragon that the item’s creater originally killed; this dragon must be at least 800 years old. When this is completed, you must bathe Frostrazor in the creature’s blood and complete an 8-hour long ritual. Cost: 40,500 gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy: Frostrazor

  • Legacy Abilities:
    1. Implanted Shard: When Frostrazor’s wielder scores a critical hit, a small sliver of the sword breaks off and implants itself in the wound. Each subsequent round, the shard deals 1 point of damage as it burrows deeper into the host. Removing the shard takes 1 full-round action per round that the shard has been implanted. Frostrazor can implant three shards at a time. A shard’s energy returns to Frostrazor when its victim dies, or when it is removed from the victim.
    2. Enfeebling Shard: When a shard is implanted in a victim, the wielder of Frostrazor may cause a Ray of Enfeeblement spell effect as a swift action to affect that victim. This ability can be used once per day at 6th level, and three times per day at 10th level. Caster level; 6th.
    3. Winter Warding: Frostrazor can be commanded to bestow a Resist Energy (cold) spell upon its wielder once per day. Caster level; 8th.
    4. True Form Revealed: Frostrazor’s true form is that of a single crystal of magically enchanted ice, and grants an additional d6 of cold damage upon a successful hit. This form is revealed once the wielder reaches 11th level, and performs the lesser legacy ritual.
    5. Wounding Shard: When the wielder reaches 15th level, the implanted shards deal 1 point of damage per round, and deal 1 point of constitution damage per round as well. This damage is automatic, and lasts as long as the shard is implanted.
    6. Life-Stealing Shard: If Frostrazor has implanted a shard in a victim, the wielder can activate an Enervation effect as a swift action. The Enervation affects a victim with an implanted shard at the wielder’s choosing. This ability can be used twice per day. Caster level; 10th
    7. Chill of the North: Three times per day, Frostrazor’s wielder can command the sword to cover an area with an Ice Storm effect. Caster level; 12th
    8. Death Shard: If Frostrazor has implanted a shard in a victim, the wielder can activate a Finger of Death effect in that victim as a swift action. This ability can be used once per day. Caster Level 14th

      Wielder Level Abilities
      5th Implanted Shard
      6th Enfeebling Shard 1/day
      7th +2 weapon
      8th Winter warding 1/day
      10th Enfeebling Shard 3/day
      11th True Form Revealed / +d6 cold damage
      12th +3 weapon
      15th Wounding Shard
      16th Life-Stealing Shard
      18th Chill of the North 3/day
      19th +4 weapon
      20th Death Shard

Least Legacy: Allows abilities of 5th level to 9th level
Lesser Legacy: Allows abilities of 10th level to 15th level
Greater Legacy Allows abilities of 15th level and beyond

  • History:
    1. In ages past a great wizard battled against forces from the elemental plane of fire. Top best these foes, he lured an ancient wyrm white dragon to a cavern of ice in the far north, where he killed it by causing a mammoth icicle to spear the creature all the way through.
      Acting quickly, the wizard began to incant a ritual even as the dragon’s blood was oozing over the icy instrument of its destruction. When finished, the wizard held a crystal sword which he gave to his general, as its icy properties would instantly destroy any fire-based creature. The general immediately turned on the wizard and stabbed him through the heart, for he secretly served the Efreet Pasha that was the enemy of the wizard. DC 15
    2. This general faded into history, and so did Frostrazor for more than 1,000 years. A few hundred years ago, an adventurer of mediocre talent called Merathal found it and discovered its powers upon thrusting it through the heart of a foe. DC 20; Piercing the Heart
      Merathal was consumed by lust for power after this, and he slew many a friend as well as enemy trying to unlock more hidden powers in the sword. All his efforts failed, and he was driven from civilization. He wandered for years, frustrated by his inability to gain more powers. Finally he learned how the sword was created, then made the journey to the cavern where where the wizard had fashioned it in the blood of the ancient white wyrm. Finding nothing of use and falling into a deep, dark despair, Merathal threw himself into the freezing waters of the arctic sea under the great wyrm’s resting place. however, he did not drown, and when he climbed back out of the water, he found himself holding a shard of ice, rather than a crystal sword.DC 25; Bathing in the Waters of Origin
    3. Merathal passed into history as well, and the sword passed from hand to hand. About one hundred years ago, it fell into the hands of Garice Dragonslayer, a great hero. Garice carried the sword for three years, taking on greater and more powerful dragons in her quest to rid the world of all dragons. As she did so, she discovered the powers of Frostrazor. She became foolhardy, and this led to her downfall. She engaged a great white wyrm called Vixnaldnysa in battle, a child of the original dragon whos blood helped create Frostrazor. The dragon recognized Frostrazor due to its own research into the past and became enraged. Though it was greviously injured, it slew Garice and consumed her.The sword was lost again, until it surfaced in the hands of an adventurer who traveled to White Plume Mountain but did not return.DC 30; Vengance of Garice


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