weapon (melee)

Nonlegacy Abilities:

  • +1 Greatsword
  • Omen: When held, Blackrazor shines like a piece of the night sky filled with stars. Its wielder hears faint whispers whenever it delivers the killing stroke to a living creature.

Legacy Abilities:

  1. Sentience(Ex):

    Blackrazor’s malign spirit slowly awakens as its wielder grows in power.

    Sentience-Least: When its wielder attain 5th level, Blackrazor’s spirit awakens, and it becomes an intelligent item (Intelligence, 13; Wisdom, 10; Charisma, 13). Its ego score begins at 3, and increases as noted below. A personality conflict occurs any time the wielder attempts to use a melee weapon other than Blackrazor —even against nonliving enemies. Blackrazor’s alignment is Chaotic Neutral, and it communicates via Empathy. Its primary emotion is a hungry longing, typically directed at powerful creatures. It can see and hear to a range of 60 feet.

    Sentience, Minor: When the wielder attains 8th level, Blackrazor’s intelligence and Charisma scores each improve to 16. It can now communicate telepathically, and it speaks Abyssal, Common, Draconic, and Giant. It also gains Darkvision to 60 feet.

    Sentience, Major: When the wielder attains 11th level, Blackrazor’s sentience becomes fully awakened. Its intelligence and charisma each improve to 18, it gains Infernal as a language, its hearing range increases to 120ft, and it can now see to 120ft with Darkvision and Blindsense.

  2. Mental Ward(Su):

    While wielding Blackrazor, you gain a saving-throw bonus against mind-affecting effects. This bonus is +1 at 6th level, +3 at 14th, and +5 at19th level.

  3. Detect Life(Sp):

    While holding Blackrazor, you can detect the presence of living creatures three times per day by speaking the command word (“seek”). This ability functions as the Detect Undead spell (caster level 5), except that it reveals only the presence or absence of living creatures (along with their number, and strength of auras in later rounds). Lingering auras of living creatures are not detected.

  4. Souldrinking(Su):

    When a hit from Blackrazor reduces a living opponent to 0 or fewer hit points (even below -10), you may activate a Death Knell effect targeted on that creature as a swift action. The will save DC is 12+(Blackrazor’s Cha modifier or yours, whichever is higher). If the creature fails its save and dies from this effect, its soul is sucked into Blackrazor. Any creature slain in this manner cannot be raised by anything less than Miracle, Wish, or True Resurrection.
    If you mistakenly use this ability on an undead creature, it counts as one daily use of the ability, but instead of the normal effects, you gain a negative level (the Fortitude save to remove this negative level 24 hours later is 12+ Blackrazor’s Cha modifier) and the undead creature gains 5 temporary hit points. If a negative level bestowed by Blackrazor would cause your total negative levels to equal or exceed your hit dice, you die and your soul is sucked into the blade, as if you had been killed by its Death Knell effect.
    You may use this ability once per day at 10th level, or three times per day at 13th level. When you attain 17th level, this effect automatically occurs whenever an opponent is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by the weapon. It requires no activation, and cannot be prevented, even when using Blackrazor against an undead opponent. The benefits gained by this ability do not stack—each later use simply replaces any previous effect.

  5. Haste(Sp):

    Beginning at 16th level, you may function as though affected by a Haste spell (caster level 10) for up to 10 rounds each day. Activating or ending this effect is a free action, and the duration of the Haste effect need not be consecutive rounds.

  6. Vicious Weapon(Ex):

    When Blackrazor strikes an opponent, it creates a flash of disruptive energy that resonates between the opponent and the wielder. This energy deals an extra 2d6 points of damage to the opponent and 1d6 points of damage to the wielder.

Wielder Level Attack Bonus Ego Score Abilities
1 +1 - -
2 +1 - -
3 +1 - -
4 +1 - -
5 +2 3 Sentience, Least
6 +2 4 Mental Ward +1
7 +2 4 -
8 +2 8 Sentience, Minor
9 +3 10 Detect Life
10 +3 11 Souldrinking, 1/day
11 +3 15 Sentience, Major
12 +3 16 -
13 +4 18 Souldrinking 3/day
14 +4 19 Mental Ward +3
15 +4 19 -
16 +4 21 Haste, 10rds/day
17 +5 23 Souldrinking, automatic
18 +5 24 Vicious Weapon
19 +5 25 Mental Ward +5
20 +5 25 -


No living being can positively identify the material from which Blackrazor was crafted because the sword comes from another reality, now long dead, whose physical laws varied defining the multiverse known to today’s sages and planeswalkers. In the dying days of that reality, the wizard Keraptis brought the weapon out of its native multiverse into his own. (Knowledge [history] DC 15)

In truth, Blackrazor’s current form is not its true shape. Originally, the greatsword was a living creature-a native of the strange multiverse Keraptis visited. Through a strange ritual, Keraptis bent first the entity’s will, and then its form, until he had the weapon he desired.(Knowledge [history] DC 20; Dominating the Blade Ritual)

The rulers of Blackrazor’s home dimension were powerful beings who controlled all known planes of existence within their multiverse. Order was absolute-entropy and decay of all kinds had been virtually eliminated. But despite the power these rulers wielded their control eventually faltered, allowing horrible creatures to pour forth from forbidden realms into their multiverse to poison all of that reality. (Knowledge [history] DC 25; Opening the Soul Ritual)

In its original state, Blackrazor was not a living being, it was a powerful undead creature similar to an atropal (see Epic Level Handbook) In fact, the entity known as “Blackrazor” should never have existed – either in our reality or its own. It was one of the first horrid creatures to invade that long-lost multiverse, and the rulers of that dimension were all too eager to eliminate any evidence that their control was not as absolute as they would have wished. Thus, they granted Keraptis the knowledge to bend the entity into its current form as payment for taking it away from their realm forever. (Knowledge [history] DC 30; Exile of the Damned ritual)

Legacy Rituals:

  1. Dominating the Blade:

    You must anoint Blackrazor with special oils to stir its spirit to life temporarily, then defeat it in a contest of will. To do so, you must meditate uninterrupted for 1 minute while holding the blade, then make a successful DC 15 Concentration check. You cannot take a 10, or benefit from any skill modifiers, except those derived from your own ranks and ability scores. If you fail, you gain one negative level; if you fail by 5 or more (or the ritual is interrupted), you gain one negative level, and you must immediately repeat the contest. Any failure ruins the materials used to anoint the blade. Removing the negative levels 24 hours later requires a DC 15 Fortitude save. Cost: 1,500 gp; Feat granted: Least Legacy (Blackrazor)

  2. Opening the Soul:

    While wielding Blackrazor, you must be subjected to negative energy effects such as Enervation or Level-Drain, totaling at least two levels. These levels may only have been removed by the normally allowed Fortitude save. Cost: 13,000 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy(Blackrazor)

  3. Exile of the Damned

    You must travel to the negative energy plane and perform an 8-hour rite to attune Blackrazor to the life-numbing forces of that plane. Cost: 40,000 gp; Feat granted: Greater Legacy (Blackrazor)


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