weapon (melee)

Nonlegacy Abilities:

  • +1 Trident
  • Omen:

    Anyone who clutches Wave constantly hears a sound like that of distant waves crashing against some unseen shore. With a round of concentration, the wielder can sense the distance and direction to the nearest body of water of at least pond size.

Legacy Abilities:

  1. Warning(Su):

    While wielding Wave, you can detect creatures with the aquatic subtype within 60 feet. Activating this ability requires you to concentrate as a standard action. When you use Wave to attack aquatic creatures, you ignore any damage reduction they may possess.

  2. Water Breathing(Su):

    Beginning at 8th level, you can breathe water freely while holding Wave, as if you were continually affected by a Water Breathing spell (caster lev 10).

  3. Awakened Intelligence(Ex):

    At 10th level, you stir Wave’s dormant intellect to full wakefulness, and it gains the ability to communicate with you telepathically. Wave speaks Aquan, Common, Draconic, and Kuo-Toan, and it can see to a range of 60 feet using darkvision, with hearing to the same range. It has; Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 16, and an initial ego score of 10. Wave’s alignment is True Neutral

  4. Underwater Vision(Su):

    When you attain 13th level, you can see underwater five times farther than the prevailing light and water conditions would normally allow, as if you were wearing a Helm of Underwater Action. You may also ignore the miss chance when fighting an invisible creature that is in water.

  5. Aquatic Allies(Sp):

    At 15th level, you gain the ability to call aquatic creatures to your aid as if you had cast a Summon Nature’s Ally spell (caster lev 11). Once per day, when you hold Wave above your head and call out for aid, you can summon an Elasmosaurus (dinosaur), a Large Water Elemental, an adult Tojanida, or an Orca Whale. (If you are using “Stormwrack”, you may also summon a single Ichthyosaur (dinosaur), or Large Monsterous Crab.)

  6. Fish Command(Sp):

    At 17th level, you can charm monsters with the aquatic subtype as if using the Charm Monster spell (caster lev 15) three times per day. This ability lets you communicate with any charmed creature telepathically. Any creature that makes its saving throw is free of your control, but it does not approach within 10 feet of the trident. The saving throw DC is 16, or 14+ your charisma modifier, whichever is higher.

  7. Dehydrate(Sp):

    at 19th level, you can use Horrid Wiltingas the spell (caster lev 15) once per day by pointing Wave in the direction of the targets. The save DC is 22 or 18+ your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher.

Wielder Level Attack Bonus Ego Score Abilities
1 +1 - Warning
2 +1 - -
3 +1 - -
4 +1 - -
5 +2 - -
6 +2 - -
7 +2 - -
8 +2 - Water Breathing
9 +3 - -
10 +3 10 Awakened Intelligence
11 +3 10 -
12 +3 10 -
13 +4 12 Underwater Vision
14 +4 12 -
15 +4 14 Aquatic Allies
16 +4 14 -
17 +5 16 Fish Command
18 +5 16 -
19 +5 18 Dehydrate
20 +5 18 -


Wave is a trident forged of steel with a distinctive blue-green sheen. The wooden haft is intricately carved with fish, twining seaweed, and similar aquatic motifs. According to legend, the trident Wave was forged by giants who were imprisoned on the desolate island called “Thunderforge” by agents of an ocean deity commonly called the “Sea-Queen”. The first hero to wield it was the half-giant Dravenda, said to be the daughter of the Sea-Queen herself, who used it in rebellion against her mother’s servants and paid for her insolence with her life.(Knowledge [history] DC 15

Dravenda used Wave in her epic battle with an enormous crab that was supposedly another of the Sea-Queen’s offspring (and thus Dravenda’s own half-brother). Dravenda fought bravely, but she grew weaker and weaker as the battle raged on. Finally, while held in the crab’s huge claw, she managed to hurl her trident into a gap in the creature’s adamantine plating, killing it instantly. Dravenda died in battle the next day, and her kin buried Wave with her (Knowledge [history] DC 20; Mastery Over the Sea ritual)

Shortly after Dravenda’s death, the notorious wizard Keraptis encountered the imprisoned giants of Thunderforge island and agreed to help them win their freedom. In return for the magical aid he provided, the giants exhumed Wave from Dravenda’s tomb and gave it to him. Keraptis carried the weapon with him in his travels before he eventually settled in the mysterious volcano known as White Plume Mountain and disappeared from history.
Some one hundred years ago, A group of powerful heroes calling themselves the Brotherhood of the Tome entered the dungeons of White Plume Mountain, fought the monsters still living there, and returned in triumph with Wave and other assorted treasures. A ranger named Elthan claimed Wave as his own and carried it during his later adventures, long after the Brotherhood of the Tome had been disbanded. Eventually Elthan retired from the adventuring life and married, but tragedy struck on his wedding day. Shortly after Elthan and his bride boarded the Asterian for their honeymoon journey, a sudden storm struck and the ship foundered. Elthan survived thanks to Wave’s magic, but his new bride drowned – although legend states that her spirit somehow joined with the figurehead of the ship (Knowledge [history] DC 25; Raise the Asterian ritual)

Elthan blamed the Sea-Queen for his wife’s death and swore an oath of vengeance on the diety. His quest for revenge brought him at last to Thunderforge Island, the birthplace of Wave, where he confronted an avatar of the unknown, but Elthan and Wave both disappeared. Decades later, the trident reappeared in the possession of a wealthy collector (Knowledge [history] DC 30; Reverence to the Sea-Queen ritual)

Legacy Rituals:

  1. Mastery over the sea:

    You must defeat a creature with the aquatic subtype whos challenge rating equals or exceeds your character level. Cost: 1,500gp Feat Granted; Least Legacy (Wave)

  2. Raise the Asterian:

    You must find the wreck of the sailing ship Asterian, and bring its figurehead above the surface of the water. Cost: 13,000gp Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Wave)

  3. Reverence to the Sea-Queen:

    You must travel to the temple of the Sea-Queen on Thunderforge Island and perform an 8-hour rite in reverence to the deity and the host of sea-spirits who serve her. Cost: 40,000gp Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Wave)


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