weapon (melee)

Nonlegacy Abilities:

  • +1 Warhammer
  • Omen: Whelm glows brightly when its wielder endeavors to assess items of value, the more valuable the item, the brighter the glow. This effect grants a +2 circumstance bonus on appraise checks.

Legacy Abilities:

  1. Sense Goblinoids(Sp): At 6th level, you gain the ability to detect any creature with the goblinoid subtype within 60 feet, as if using the Detect Evil spell (caster level 5th).

  2. Sense Giants(Sp): Beginning at 8th level, you can detect any creature with the giant type within 60 feet, as if using the Detect Evil spell (caster level 5th).

  3. Locate Object(Sp): Beginning at 9th level, upon command, you may use Locate Object, as the spell (caster level 8th) three times per day.

  4. Intelligent Legacy(Su): When you reach 10th level, Whelm’s sentience awakens. It gains the ability to communicate with you telepathically. Whelm speaks Common, Dwarven, Giant, and Goblin. It can see to range of 60 feet with darkvision, and can hear to the same distance. It has; Intelligence: 16, Wisdom: 16, and Charisma:10. Its alignment is Lawful Neutral

  5. Bear’s Endurance(Sp): Beginning at 9th level, Whelm’s wielder may use Bear’s Endurance as the spell, once a day. This increases to 3/day at 13th level, and becomes a permanent effect on the wielder upon reaching 18th level.

Wielder Level Attack Bonus Ego Score Abilities
1 +1 - -
2 +1 - -
3 +1 - -
4 +1 - -
5 +2 - Sense Goblinoids
6 +2 - Goblin-Bane Warhammer
7 +2 - -
8 +2 - Sense Giants
9 +3 - Locate Object 3/day, Bear’s Endurance 1/day
10 +3 15 Intelligent Legacy
11 +3 16 Giant & Goblin-Bane
12 +3 16 -
13 +4 17 Bear’s Endurance 3/day
14 +4 17 -
15 +4 17 -
16 +4 18 Stone-Shape
17 +5 19 -
18 +5 20 +4 Enhancement bonus to Con
19 +5 20 -
20 +5 20 -


The hammer known as Whelm appeared most recently about fifty years ago in a dwarven community beset by ogres, though no report of its creation by those dwarves exists. Wielded by a dedicated dwarf soldier named Ctenmiir, this weapon proves quite powerful against the clan’s enemies. Ctenmiir later left his ancestral home to become an adventurer, and he and the weapon promptly disappeared from sight. (Knowledge[History] DC 15)

Long ago, Dagnal Mightyhammer was a skilled weaponsmith of the Dankil clan. She labored at a time when her clan had suffered grievous losses from a large band of vicious trolls. When her husband and shieldmate, Traubon, decided to lead a counterattack against the trolls, Dagnal created a mighty warhammer (which had no name at the time), putting all her love for her husband, her commitment to her clan, and her devotion to Moradin into it. Traubon and his warriors proves victorious, and Dagnal’s weapon was much praised. (Knowledge[History] DC 20; Against the Giants ritual

In the years of prosperity that followed, Dagnal imbued the warhammer with the ability to sense gems, gold, and other riches, so that it might become a valuable tool in both wartime and peacetime. Many years later, the Dwarves were threatened by hordes of goblins leg by bugbears. Dagnal, now an old woman, again sought to improve her masterpiece so that it might help vanquish the current threat. Traubon, though he was old, and in less than perfect health, insisted on going out with the vanguard of the counterattack. The dwarves were again victorious, but Traubon was mortally wounded in the fight. The weapon was returned to the clan, with its owner for burial. Overcome by grief, Dagnal threw herself on her husband’s corpse and promptly dies. The two dwarves and the weapon were interred together in a single grave. At the time, many said that the three had shared one spirit, and that Dagnal and Traubon had put so much of themselves into the weapon, that it had become much more than just steel and wood. (Knowledge[History] DC 25; Against the Goblins ritual)

Legacy Rituals:

-Two rituals are required to unlock all of Whelm’s legacy abilities:

Against the Giants: You must knowingly and willingly enter an encounter with a creature of the giant type in which the EL exceeds your party level by at least one point. Cost: 13,000gp; Feats granted: Least & Lesser Legacy (Whelm)

Against the Goblins: You must seek out a group of goblinoid marauders with 30 or more total hit dice, and permanently end their foul existence. As part of this act, you must defeat in personal combat, a hostile creature with the goblinoid subtype and a CR that equals or exceeds your character level. Cost: 13,000gp; Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Whelm)


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